Our History

City of Kettering City Council and Kettering Board of Education held a joint strategic planning meeting.
Healthy Youth Task Force was formed. Community, school and city officials met quarterly.
First Annual Youth Summit held.
Two Healthy Youth Task Force subcommittees were organized: Youth In Action and Prevention Services.
Purpose of the joint strategic planning meeting was to identify priority areas of community concern. Three priorities were identified:
The need for an annual youth summit.
Use of Kettering schools and other facilities as “service delivery centers” for Kettering neighborhoods.
Need for an awareness campaign specifically designed to promote all the benefits of living in Kettering.
May 1999—First Annual Youth Summit was held with 250 people present to discuss the following:
Understand the issues facing youth.
Share experience and available opportunities for serving youth.
Raise the community’s awareness of youth needs.
Develop a community-wide task force charged with formulating an action plan for growing healthy youth.
Grant received from the Ohio Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services to provide asset-based youth prevention services.
Kettering STAND forms (Students Taking A New Direction)
City of Kettering received funding from the Montgomery County Department of Job & Family Services to begin an after-school enrichment program and to hire school/community liaison.
City of Kettering hires a full-time Youth Development Coordinator to coordinate all the after-school programming, school/ community liaison and Kettering STAND.
Healthy Youth Task Force conducts three-year strategic planning meeting.
Miami Valley Youth Coalition delivers assets report on Kettering teens.
Task Force recommends forming a citywide youth advisory board appointed by City Council and Board of Education.
Healthy Youth Advisory Board members appointed.
Kettering STAND reorganizes into the Kettering Youth Council.
Youth Summit conducted. Record attendance of 300+ youth.
Healthy Youth Advisory Board conducts seven roundtable discussions with various sectors in the community to gain input on issues and concerns facing Kettering youth and families.
Town Hall meeting held to engage community in shaping ideas and priorities to address identified issues.
Strategic Planning meeting with key youth and adult leadership synthesizes prioritized ideas into seven community initiatives. Subcommittees formed to begin work on initiatives.
Healthy Youth Advisory Board creates name and logo for growing community effort—Partners for Healthy Youth.
First-annual Youth Week set April 8-16.


* Kettering Youth Leadership Academy first class inducted,  replacing the Youth Summit.

* Character Tool Kits were propsed to help the community get involved bringing our Words of the Month into every school, business and home.


* Tool Kits were distributed and growing with great demand in the City.

* Partners for Healthy Youth to take new direction, focusing on Mentoring, Service along with continuing the Character inititive.