About Our Advisory Board

A key role of the Partners for Healthy Youth Advisory Board is to generate continuous analysis of youth needs and issues in our community, and then to establish initiatives to successfully address identified issues. To gain information, our strategy is to dialogue with both youth and adults in the community through focus groups, town hall meetings and surveys. We also work closely with students participating in the Kettering Youth Council and use other means to stay informed on subjects that are of interest directly or indirectly to youth in our community.

Once key areas are identified, PFHY Board members assist with planning and implementing citywide youth programs and with developing financial recommendations for the support of these initiatives and activities. They also make recommendations to the City Council and the Board of Education regarding programs and activities for youth and assist with the development and implementation of youth initiatives that are totally community based.

We are always looking for new Partners for Healthy Youth Advisory Board Members.  Interested? Apply here!