Who We Are

Who We Are

Partners for Healthy Youth is a community-wide effort to engage Kettering adults and youth in working together to build a healthy community where all young people can grow and succeed.

Our focus is on building character/developmental assets, while promoting a network of resources and initiatives to address the needs and issues facing Kettering’s youth and families.

Partners for Healthy Youth is a collaborative effort founded jointly by the Kettering City Council and the Kettering School Board. It is led by an advisory board made up of representatives from a wide variety of sectors throughout the community, including city, school, church, business, social service and recreation representatives, as well as members of the Kettering Youth Council.


Our work is focused around the 40 Developmental Assets – building blocks identified through research by the Search Institute which can have a powerful, positive impact on young people.  Children and teenagers who have high levels of these assets get involved in fewer risky behaviors and are much more likely to exhibit the positive values, such as leadership, good health, diversity, and success in school. The bad news is most young people don’t have enough assets. About 59 percent of young people, ages 11-18, have 20 or fewer Developmental Assets, according to Search Institute surveys. The good news is we can change this because we all have the power to build assets in young people’s lives.