Build Assets Kettering, I’m In, Are You?

All of Us, Together, Can Have a Big Impact

All of us interact with youth—whether we’re a neighbor, a friend, a family member, an employer or customer, or a youth-serving professional or volunteer. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our young people.

I’m In, Are You?  build assets

What Can You Do This Week?

Looking for more intentional ways to build Assets in the youth around you? Here’s a few to try:

  • In your home and family: Post a list of the 40 Developmental Assets on your refrigerator door. Each day, do at least one thing to build Assets for each family member.
  • In your neighborhood and community: If you don’t already know them, learn the names of the young people who live around you. Find out what interests them and ask them about those interests. Smile and say hello to youth you encounter as you go about your day.
  • In your school or youth program: Plan Assetbuilding activities as part of the curriculum or program. For example, engage young people in service-learning projects, planning and decisionmaking or social skills training.

Adult role models, guides and friends are very important to our youth. We invite you to explore how you, your family, your neighborhood, your organization or your business can take an active role in helping our young people experience a caring community of Asset builders!

Understanding the Assets

While 40 might seem like a lot to remember, all of the Assets fit easily into eight categories. These categories can serve as a tool to help you incorporate asset-building into your daily life:

  • Support: Young people need to be surrounded by people who love, care for, appreciate, and accept them.
  • Empowerment: Young people need to feel valued and valuable. This happens when youth feel safe and respected.
  • Boundaries and Expectations: Young people need clear rules, consistent consequences for breaking rules, and encouragement to do their best.
  • Constructive Use of Time: Young people need opportunities—outside of school—to learn and develop new skills and interests with other youth and adults.
  • Commitment to Learning: Young people need a sense of the lasting importance of learning and a belief in their own abilities.
  • Positive Values: Young people need to develop strong guiding values to help them make healthy life choices.
  • Social Competencies: Young people need the skills to interact effectively with others, to make difficult decisions, and to cope with new situations.
  • Positive Identity: Young people need to believe in their own self-worth and to feel they have control over the things that happen to them.

Each of these categories involves several specific Assets. For a complete list of all 40 Assets and ideas on how you can more intentionally build them into the young people in your life, visit

A Smile. A Word. A Hand. A Listening Ear.

hands in

It doesn’t take much to make a difference in the lives of our community’s youth. But it does take an awareness and an intentionality. Before long, all those small bits of encouragement, guidance and support we provide collectively (build into the lives of our youth) reap a tremendous impact. The result? Our community’s young people grow up feeling valued with a full set of Developmental Assets to help them succeed in life.

Increasing Success Through Asset Building

Partners for Healthy Youth (PFHY) is a community-wide initiative focused on building the 40 Developmental Assets. These Assets are traits, or characteristics, that researchers from the Search Institute have identified as powerful keys to helping young people grow up strong. The more Assets a young person has, the more likely they are to experience positive health and success—and the less likely they are to get involved in risky behaviors.

The bad news is… most young people don’t have enough Assets. The good news? We can change this because we ALL have the power to build Assets (in young people’s lives).

Getting the Asset Message Out

That’s why we’ve launched Build Assets Kettering! I’m In, Are You? This campaign has two goals:

Create awareness of Assets — we want everyone who lives, works and plays in Kettering to know about the 40 Developmental Assets and the impact they can have on our growing youth.

Provide ideas and information to help more people intentionally build Assets as they go about their daily lives.

Use Our Free Resources

Our 10-week mini curriculum lets you quickly spotlight and reinforce 10 different Assets with individuals and small groups (sports teams, students, faith groups, scout troops, children, grandchildren, etc.).

Sign up to receive a monthly e-tip focusing on a different Asset you can use yourself or include in your organization’s monthly online or printed communications.

Schedule a 15 to 30-minute presentation customized for your group. We’ll bring tips and handouts to help adults and/or youth get up to speed on the 40 Assets and learn ways to more intentionally build them.

Ultimately, our goal is to help the youth of our community grow and develop to their fullest capabilities with the Assets they need to succeed.

Are you in?

We need lots of people to say “I’m In.” Here are some ways you can get involved:

Give Some Time

• Make a commitment to say hello, smile and have conversations with the youth in your neighborhood, grocery store, faith community or businesses you frequent. Your interest lets them know they matter.

• If you are a youth leader or youth-serving professional, look for ways to incorporate Asset building in programs and interactions. (See the Free Resources section or visit for suggestions.)

Cost: A bit of your time
Benefit: Being the difference-maker in a young life

Give Some Cash
• Make a tax-deductible donation to Partners for Healthy Youth through the Kettering Parks Foundation to provide campaign materials and activities to promote Asset building.Asset 26

• Sponsor a “Build Assets Kettering” campaign pull-up banner featuring your business or organization to be displayed in your business with Asset promotion cards. Or pay for a banner to be displayed at a community building.

Cost: $250
Benefit: Positive PR at your site and specific mention in targeted campaign articles as a supporter

For More Information of to Donate:

Please contact Partners for Healthy Youth through Addie Weaver, Youth Development and Sports Coordinator, at (937) 534-7115 or